Increase workplace wellness and productivity

Simple and powerful methods to help employees manage stress, enhance creativity and improve social awareness so your company will benefit from increased productivity, collaboration and innovation


Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the set of skills your leaders need to share the company’s vision and engage the workforce. Increasing EQ in your company enhances collaboration across teams and reduce overall project costs.

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Mental Mode

Mindful Workplace

Do your best minds get stuck on one track? Mindfulness training increases self-awareness and your capacity to look at things from different perspectives, giving you access to adaptability, creativity and problems solving skills.

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Meditation is to the mind what exercise is to the body. A short daily practice will keep stress in check and increase wellbeing to reduce absenteeism, health issues and attrition due to burn-out and chronic stress.

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Why Mindfulness at the workplace?

One reason is stress. Research shows that the workplace today can be a major source of stress and affect millions of people's lives

Chronic stress

Chronic Stress

According to the American Psychological Association, chronic stress is linked to the 6 leading causes of death and 75 percent of all physician office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints.

Workplace and stress

Workplace stress

We all know that work can be stressful but do we know how much work related stress can influence our health and wellbeing? While managed stress can be a good thing unmanaged stress has dire consequences.

Mindfulness and stress

Can Meditation help?

While there are different ways to help manage workplace stress, one of the easiest to implement is a simple meditation program. 10 min a day and people report feeling more relaxed, focused and engaged.

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

Specific Mindfulness techniques combined with Emotional Intelligence can improve many of the sought after leadership skills

Startup leaders

Today's leadership skills

Authenticity, adaptability flexibility, problem solving, creativity, self awareness, positive intelligence, integrity, courage, vision and many other leadership skills can be improved using the appropriate mindfulness techniques at work.

Leadership obstacles

12 Leadership obstacles

Mindless multitasking, poor listening, overloading, cynicism, negativity, blame, procrastination, anxiety, fear, narcissism, seclusion and distracted attention are some of the obstacles leaders confront today that self awareness can minimize or deactivate.

How can we improve?

How can we improve?

In a secular setting and with the right approach mindfulness is a quiet, inner transformation, that will help most of your leaders innovate, collaborate, inspire, influence and deliver results while remaining flexible and compassionate.

Is your company the top place to work for?

Attract and retain talents by offering them wellbeing and personal growth through autonomy, mastery and purpose



The talents you need the most are the ones who live to be in the zone, in the flow. They want to be challenged, valued and grow. FLow is finding the ideal ratio between challenges and skills and it requires clarity, focus and confidence. By offering programs to increase focus, build confidence and keep stress in check you will keep your most profitable employees happy and safe.

Smiling team

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence makes the workplace so much more attractive. It’s a life skill that can open many doors to anyone at work and at home. Social awareness and skills like empathy make great leaders and support teams who collaborate with each other and across the aisle.
"Emotional Intelligence is the new black" - Lisa Stephenson,


Mental Mode Management

Special talents want to innovate and be given room for creativity. But you also need to balance that with execution. Mental mode management allows both execution and creativity to coexist and actually complement each other. Creative people not only want to create and innovate but they also want to see their creation brought to fruition. Teaching Mental Mode Management to your project managers and visionary architects allows them to work together effectively and get the best solutions to market.

About Us

Mindful Link provides secular meditation and emotional intelligence training specifically for the workplace

Tony Saccardi

Tony Saccardi, Principal & Owner

"After 20+ years of working in IT as a Director for fortune 100 companies in highly stressful jobs and trying with various degrees of success to balance family and work I finally discovered how a small investment in time and effort can completely transform our relationships, help us stay in the flow, and free ourselves of chronic stress… "

Tony is a certified meditation teacher and workplace mindfulness trainer from the McLean Meditation Institute and is certified in traditional meditation techniques from the Shree Mahesh Heritage in Rishikesh, India. He has completed his CTI Co-Active coaching training and is currently enrolled in the Daniel Coleman Emotional Intelligence coaching certification program. Tony started practicing mindfulness since his first trip to India in 1982 and has been facilitating and teaching meditation and mindfulness at the workplace since 2013.

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It all started at the workplace

"In 2013 while I was still working as a technology director for a large financial company, I volunteered for the local Wellness program and started to facilitate meditation for the workplace. Seeing the immediate benefits of as little as 15 minutes a day of meditation practice on stress and anxiety, I decided to make it available to as many co-workers as possible. In 2015 I created and taught an 8 weeks mindfulness program in our San Francisco offices where employees could learn and try 8 different types of meditation to manage stress and improve their focus, self-awareness and social-awareness. The program ran continuously with a waiting list until I left."

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